Welcome to The Meadows Home

Compassion and the commitment to serve others are easier said than done. It takes a lot of courage to be able to share the appropriate love and care for someone you’ve just met. But, here at The Meadows Home, we make sure that we are more than just the words we promise.


At The Meadows Home, we believe each resident is unique, worthy of dignity and respect, and where individual needs are recognized.  We believe that professionalism and human kindness exists side by side, where independence and personalized care are partners in an environment of wellness.

Thus, as a resident of The Meadows Home, you shall not be segregated or restricted in the enjoyment of any priviledge, provided with any assistance service or other benefits enjoyed by other residents based on your color, race, sex, religion, national origin or disability.

We care, and our success lies in fulfilling that trust.

We invite you to come and look at our home and notice the difference.(702) 985-1382

Why Choose Us?

For years, The Meadows Home have satisfied clients all over the state of Nevada and the rest of the country. We are proud to say that we have a team of vibrant and vigorous staff and attendants who are willing to serve you or a loved one in any means possible. Read more »

Our Location
4300 Del Monte Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

License by State of Nevada
License number: 417AGZ-18

Phone: (702) 857-3174
Fax:      (702)258-7611